pizap.com14215169740452  Stefan Jacobsen – Vocals

Stefan has been singing since before the humans inherited the Earth. He has played in former Last Kingdom (Spirit’s of Fantasy), Filippas Vänner and different coverbands. He plays other instruments, such as drums, guitar, bass and keyboards and has been teaching music at different schools. He is the founder and the grandfather of Last Kingdom. He started the band in 2004. He went to music school and has been practicing singing all his life. He writes most of the music and lyrics for Last Kingdom and has some solo projects on the side.

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pizap.com14215273044893Therése Gunnarsson – Vocals

Therése has been singing since her feet touched ground. She went to music school at Ljungskile folkhögskola with vocals as the main instrument. She sang in the coverband called Drink n´ Fight, just for fun. She also plays the acoustic guitar. She started in Last Kingdom in the year of 2011, as a backing vocalist, and has over the years evolved to also being one of the two leading vocalists. She also has an interest in song writing, and has written some of the lyrics for the songs on Last Kingdom´s second album, Dream Captain. She also writes songs of her own and has participated in other projects.

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Sven Hansson Bom – Guitars

Sven has been playing guitar since he first heard Keeper of The Seven Keys Part 2, by Helloween. His musical interests actually started with Deep Purple, Styx and Led Zeppelin. Picked up the guitar when he first heard Cliffs of Dover by Eric Johnson at the age of 14. He started practicing a lot of Iron Maiden, TNT, Motley Crue, Poison, Ratt, Skid Row and Guns ‘N’ Roses (He calls this the ‘casual guitar’ year). Though he liked those bands a lot, two bands stuck with him for that period and has ever since: Helloween and Van Halen. He thinks that Eddie Van Halen is an awesome guitarist and Kai Hansen is one of the best Power Metal gutarists of all time! Then when he turned 16 he was introduced to Dream Theater and Racer X, the guitarists of these bands have served as huge influences over the years. It was around this time that he went to music school and started practicing guitar for up to about 6 hours a day, some days he could play the guitar for up to about 10 hours (Paul Gilbert was an incredibly frustrating guitar inspiration, his string skipping arpeggios are extremely difficult to pull off even to this day!). When he turned 18 he had grown very attached to Metallica, Rush, Megadeth and Earth, Wind And Fire, but he was violently obsessed with one band: Circus Maximus. He seriously loves those guys. At the age of 16-19 he played in a bunch of ensembles and then he took a break until he joined Last Kingdom in the year of 2014.

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