It all began in 2004

when two hard rocking dudes called Stefan and Freddy met in the factory of Volvo Trucks. They drew the conclusion that something had to be done, or else they would be stuck in there forever. They both loved Helloween most of all, and both of them wanted to be rock stars, so why not start a band? Last Kingdom was formed by the singer Stefan Jacobsen and the guitarist Freddy Olofsson. They immediately started to write some songs together. But just two guys are not enough to start a band, so the search for more Last Kingdomnians started.

Stefan Malmenlid heard the demo “Land of Dreams” that was recorded by Stefan and Freddy. He liked it so much that he wanted to join the band as soon as possible. Now he is the keyboard player of Last Kingdom. He also managed to recruit his brother Jimmy, to become the bass player of Last Kingdom. They knew Erik Knutsson. He was a drummer, so he joined the band too. A very talented guitarist called Stefan Andersson joined the band as well, so now Last Kingdom had the core members and could do something productive with their lives.

Over the years, Last Kingdom have had a variety of members.

In 2008 Last Kingdom entered the studio to record a new demo with Andy LaRoque at the mixing table. They were very happy with the quality and sent it to a couple of record labels and soon Limb, along with some other labels, contacted the band and the cooperation was a fact. Once again the band entered the studio to work with Andy, but this time to record the full album “Chronicles of the North”.

The band decided that they needed a facelift, because the sound was good, but there was still something missing. When they recorded the album, they had a female vocalist, Therése Gunnarsson, singing backing vocals on the track “Abandoned”, and the result turned out very well. They decided to ask her if she wanted to join the band, but this time as a full member. She was excited, and said yes.

In March 2012 Last Kingdom released their debut album “Chronicles of the North”. The album was well received all over the world and it gained a lot of great reviews and people outside of Sweden started to know about the band. Now, the chemistry was right and the band immediately started producing new songs for the second album.

In the beginning of the year 2014 Last Kingdom found a replacement drummer, for Sebastian López, who sadly couldn´t play anymore due to Tinnitus problems. Last Kingdom´s new and current drummer is the man, the myth, the Daniel “Darny” Bernström. About six months earlier Stefan Jacobsen met Sven Hansson Bom, the young monster on guitars, and immediately decided that he was the guy for Last Kingdom and so he asked him if he wanted to join the band and six months later he was recruited.

After having rehearsed only six times with the new line-up, LK performed in Wacken Metal Battle at Sticky Fingers, Gothenburg. The performance went great and was a nice kickstart for “the new” Last Kingdom.

The future holds the releasing of – and touring with the new album “Dream Captain”. See you out there…

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